Graduate Admissions

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Georgetown University operates on a semester system, with fall semesters running from early September through early December. Spring semesters extend from early January through early May. The application deadlines are as follows.

  • Fall semester any year: Deadline is April 1 of the same year for US students and March 1 of the same year for International students.
  • Spring semester any year: Deadline is October 1 of the previous year.

International students are strongly encouraged to apply by February 15, or even earlier, because of the additional time required to arrange for immigration papers for admitted students. For international students who apply after February 15 we will try to evaluate applications in a timely way but cannot guarantee that we can complete reviews quickly enough to make admission offers by the middle of April.

Around the first week of May the academic year closes and the admissions committee ceases its work for the cycle. Applications that are not complete and ready for review by May 1 may be declined simply because the committee cannot arrange to review them. Recommenders can be notoriously tardy in submitting letters. It is therefore advisable to not risk having missing letters, or other parts of an application, after the first week of May.

Applications are evaluated and admissions recommended on a rolling basis.

There is an annual Spring admission cycle (deadline Oct 1) and a number of students take advantage of this option. Most curricula are built around a fall matriculation but the Georgetown Math/Stat graduate program can accommodate a spring entry. A student who anticipates entering in a spring semester would benefit by having taken a good upper division course in probability before entering. This is so that the first graduate statistics course, which is offered each spring semester, will be accessible to spring admits.