Full-Time Faculty

Meet our Faculty

Ali Arab

Position: Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: Statistical methods for time series and spatiotemporal processes with an emphasis on ecology, environmental studies, and epidemiology problems.
Email: ali.arab@georgetown.edu

David Caraballo

Position: Associate Professor
Interests: Geometric measure theory, variational problems, interface evolution models, curvature flows, geometric optimization, geometric analysis, convexity, inequalities, image analysis.
Email: dgc3@georgetown.edu

Der-Chen Chang

Position: McDevitt Chair in Mathematics and Computer Science, Senior Advisor to the Provost for China Initiatives
Interests: Fourier analysis on Euclidean spaces, partial differential equations with applications to differential geometry, fluid dynamics.
Email: chang@georgetown.edu

Daniel Cuzzocreo

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Interests: Dynamical systems, complex dynamics, complex analysis, ordinary differential equations.
Email: dc1438@georgetown.edu

Matthias Eller

Position: Professor, Department Chair
Interests: Partial differential equations, inverse problems, microlocal analysis, Carleman estimates and unique continuation, hyperbolic boundary value problems, boundary controllability.
Email: mme4@georgetown.edu

John Extejt

Position: Lecturer
Interests: Calculus pedagogy.
Email: je686@georgetown.edu

Haitao Fan

Position: Professor
Interests: Differential equations, numerical analysis and mathematical modeling, with applications to traffic flows, fluid flows involving phase changes and hysteresis, and finance.
Email: fanh@georgetown.edu

Sara Gharahbeigi

Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Interests: Algebraic geometry.
Email: sg1120@georgetown.edu

Benjamin Harrop-Griffiths

Position: Assistant Professor
Interests:  Partial differential equations, analysis, nonlinear waves, fluid mechanics.

Sivan Leviyang

Position: Associate Professor
Interests: Mathematical and statistical models of the immune response to viral infection through analysis of experimental datasets.
Email: sr286@georgetown.edu

Zhe Liu

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Interests: Functional analysis, operator algebras (in particular algebras of operators affiliated with finite von Neumann algebras).

Erblin Mehmetaj

Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Interests: Ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and active learning pedagogy.
Email: em1109@georgetown.edu

Mark Meyer

Position: Assistant Professor
Interests: Functional data analysis, Bayesian statistics, longitudinal data and mixed modeling, categorical data, and biostatistics.
Email: mjm556@georgetown.edu

Nicole Meyer

Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Interests: Statistics pedagogy.
Email: knm6@georgetown.edu

Oded Meyer

Position: Teaching Professor
Interests: Statistics pedagogy.
Email: ogm@georgetown.edu

Judith Miller

Position: Professor
Interests: Model development, analysis, and simulations that contribute to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE), related systems such as integrodifference equations, and nonlinear waves.
Email: jrm32@georgetown.edu

Bogdan Raita

Position: Assistant Professor
Interests: Calculus of variations, linear PDE, image processing, algebraic geometry.

Michael Raney

Position: Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: Configuration theory, graph theory, active learning pedagogy.
Email: mwr23@georgetown.edu

Nate Strawn

Position: Assistant Professor
Interests: High-dimensional data analysis and distributed statistical estimation with an emphasis on theoretical guarantees, applications, and implementations of cutting-edge techniques.
Email: ns935@georgetown.edu

Mahlet Tadesse

Position: Professor
Interests: Bayesian inference, high-dimensional data analysis, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, mixture models, statistical genomics, variable selection.
Email: mgt26@georgetown.edu

Sophia Vassiliadou

Position: Associate Professor
Interests: Complex geometry (in particular singular complex spaces), tools from commutative algebra to understand invariants of singularities or properties of some naturally defined modules on varieties that can detect whether a variety is smooth or not.
Email: sv46@georgetown.edu

Maryam Yashtini

Position: Assistant Professor
Interests: Numerical Optimization, Scientific Computing, Variational Methods, and Imaging
Email: my496@georgetown.edu