Math Assistance Center

The Math Assistance Center offers free tutoring services for Georgetown students enrolled in: Mathematics in Society (MATH 004), Calculus with Review (MATH 029), Calculus I (MATH 035), Calculus II (MATH 036), and Probability and Statistics (MATH 040).


When: Sunday through Thursday 6pm-9pm

Where: On Zoom.

** Special Note: St. Mary’s Hall requires GoCard access Sundays all day and weekdays after 8:00pm. In the event that your GoCard is not working, please enter the building through the St. Mary’s computer lab, which is open to all students 24/7. You can access the lab through the Darnall loading dock area, located between St. Mary’s and the GoCard office. **

The Math Assistance Center is closed during the Summer, but private tutoring is offered.