Calculus Tests

Calculus Readiness Assessment

Students planning to enroll in a first course in Calculus must first take a Calculus Readiness Assessment. This assessment measures students’ knowledge of concepts from Basic Math through Precalculus. Students must earn a minimum score of 75 to enroll in the standard one-semester Calculus I (MATH-035) course. Students who earn a score between 40 and 74 must register in the one-year sequence of Calculus with Review A (MATH-031) and Calculus with Review B (Math-032), which cover the same concepts at a slower pace, incorporating Algebra and Precalculus reviews as needed. MATH-031 does not satisfy the general education requirement in mathematics and is counted as a free elective. Students will get math credit only after completion of MATH-032. They will then be able to move on to other courses that have Calculus I as prerequisite.

The Calculus Readiness Assessment consists of up to 30 questions and must be completed in one 2-hour sitting. It is an open-response assessment (not multiple choice) that requires students to work out solutions to be entered into the system. Once an answer is submitted, it cannot be changed, so be sure to check your answer carefully before submitting it. No outside resources can be consulted for help. An on-screen calculator is provided if one is needed to complete a particular problem. Otherwise, the use of a calculator is not allowed.

Students can attempt the Calculus Readiness Assessment up to three times. If students do not obtain a score of at least 75 on the first attempt, they must spend at least 5 hours working through the individualized Prep and Learning Modules and wait at least 48 hours before their second attempt. The same applies between the second and third attempt.

Click the link below to start the Calculus Readiness Assessment. A valid Georgetown NetID and password are needed to start the assessment: (new window)

Calculus Waiver Tests

Students who have not received credit or advanced placement by means of these examinations, but believe their preparation in high school is substantially equivalent to MATH-035: Calculus I and/or MATH-036: Calculus II may place out of these courses by taking the Calculus Waiver Tests. Students who pass the appropriate test will receiver a course waiver and may register for more advanced courses. However, credit is not awarded for placing out of Calculus I or II via the Waiver Tests.

Accessing the Waiver Tests: The Calculus Waiver Tests can be accessed at Once you click on the link, you first need to create an account. You will then log in using the account you created. You will see a tab “Enroll in a Class”. Click on it then check the box for the class named “Waiver Tests for Calculus I & Calculus II”. After you’ve enrolled in this class, you will see two tests, “Calculus I” and “Calculus II”. Choose the appropriate test.

Note: Each of the Calculus Waiver Tests is a two-hour exam and must be completed in one sitting. Calculators are not allowed.

Students who wish to place out of MATH-137: Multivariable Calculus need to contact Professor Michael Raney, who will administer the corresponding waiver test at a specific date and time.

Further information may be obtained through the department or the Georgetown College, Office of the Dean.