Waiver Tests

Students who believe their preparation in high school is substantially equivalent to MATH-1350: Calculus I, MATH-1360: Calculus II, MATH-2250 Linear Algebra, and/or MATH-2370 Multivariable Calculus may place out of these courses by taking the corresponding departmental Waiver Exam in the individual subject. Students who pass the appropriate Waiver Exam will receive a course waiver and may register for more advanced courses. However, credit is not awarded for placing out of Calculus I or II via the Waiver Tests.

Students who wish to take a Waiver Exam need to contact Professor Michael Raney. In Spring 2024, the Waiver Exams will be administered in person on Tuesday, January 9 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

Note: Each of the Waiver Exams is a two-hour exam and must be completed in one sitting. Calculators are not allowed.

Further information may be obtained through the department or the Georgetown College, Office of the Dean.