Even after only 2 semesters, I can already see how Georgetown’s Mathematics and Statistics program will augment my career goals. I’ve gained exposure to new mathematical concepts, and in the process have made strong connections with my professors and other students. I especially enjoy the opportunity to learn from professors who have full-time careers outside of the classroom; hearing how they apply mathematics and statistics to their work is insightful for my own career path.
The program is very flexible for part-time students like myself: it’s easy to schedule face-to-face time with professors, and since classes are held in the evening, I don’t have to take time off work to attend. Anyone who desires a challenging mathematics curriculum with the flexibility of evening classes will find this program well worth their investment!
Alayna Ruberg, Graduated May 2019


I am so glad that I chose the Math/Stat program in Georgetown University two years ago. The course design in our program is very intensive and dynamic so you can absolutely fulfill myself with either theoretical math or applicable techniques. We have limited students for each course so that you can be real friends to professors and learn tons of stuff during the interaction. And there are unlimited opportunities for us, within campus there are available research assistant positions for you to know different industries and beyond campus, the excellent reputation of our program and fantastic HOYA alumni network can accelerate the success of your career. With all named and unnamed positive experiences in our program, I successfully got full time job offer as Marketing data analyst in Synopsys before graduation. I sincerely recommend this programs to people who dream for expertise in mathematical modelling, data analytics and statistical learning.
George Du, Graduated May 2017


I deeply appreciated my experience in this program. It introduced me to the amazing world of statistics, where I learned the complexities of this field, along with the hands-on cutting edge tools to conduct analysis on practical problems. There is a broad range of courses so I could choose almost any topic I am interested to study. During my time there, I met a group of the best and nicest professors and staff. They are all very patient and kind to help me with all problems I came across, academic or life in general. As an international student, I never feel isolated since I obtained a lot of care from them. Also, there are many part-time and research opportunities, which made it easy to find an academic project to apply the skills I learned. I received strong support for my application to PhD programs that led to an offer from my top choice school. I really love this program and the department! It makes me feel like family.
Winnie Xiong, Graduated May 2017


Georgetown’s graduate degree program in Mathematics and Statistics provides a strong mathematical foundation with its core courses and allows students to explore a variety of interesting and cutting-edge areas with the array of electives offered.  I was a part-time student, working for a federal government agency and then a consulting firm during the program. For both jobs, and what I expect will continue into the future, the mathematical expertise and skills I developed accelerated my career.  Another benefit of this program is the exceptional faculty and administration.  When I accepted the job at a consulting firm halfway through the program, I was worried I would not be able to complete the degree requirements because of the significant travel required by my new job.  Thankfully, the administration showed great support, providing flexibility and assistance as I completed the remaining coursework.
Adam Trost, Graduated December 2017