Undergraduate Programs


In a multitude of fields, today’s professionals need not only quantitative reasoning, creativity and problem-solving skills, but also the ability to communicate effectively with coworkers, clients, and the general public about technical topics. To develop students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills, instruction in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is guided by a set of learning objectives, that inform every course as well as the entire curriculum. To develop students’ communication skills combined with increasing the effectiveness of our learning goals, the Department’s curriculum is guided by an integrated technical writing plan.  As a result, Georgetown math majors and minors graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in quantitative-intensive professions, such as academic or industrial mathematics and statistics, as well as professions which require logical thinking and the ability to communicate, such as law, medicine, engineering and economics.

We offer courses for non Majors, Undergraduate Majors leading to either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, Undergraduate Minors, and a Major with Honors. Students with advanced placement credits should review the information for proper placement.