Opportunities in Mathematics

Mathematical Association of America

MAA ( The Mathematical Association of America) provides a source of information regarding academic and non-academic employers seeking Bachelor’s and Mastor’s degree candidates.  Resources include the following:

MAA Careers Center Site

MAA Math Classifieds

JobsRated.com “Best Jobs”

Careers and Colleges

When Will I Use Math?

AMS Careers Site

SIAM Careers Site


The MATCH Corps is a year-round urban education program serving at MATCH High School, Middle Schools, and both open-admission Charter Public Schools in Boston, MA. The MATCH mission is to close the academic achievement gap faced by almost the entire minority student body and prepare each of the urban youths to succeed in college.  Corps members work one-on-one or two-on-one with 5-6 MATCH students every day.

The Corps members who live in dorm housing in the High School and in apartments near the Middle School, also have secondary duties as teaching assistants and administrative assistants as well as running clubs and coaching sports. Corps members go on to teaching and administrative positions often staying on at MATCH, as well as a variety of grad schools (law, medicine, education, etc.) and to positions as public policy leaders and social advocates.

MATCH has received much recognition since it opened its doors in the fall of 2000 for its rigorous, innovative approach to urban education. In 2007, MATCH was named by US News & World Report as one of the nation’s top-100 High Schools, and in 2008 was similarly recognized by Newsweek as one of the top-25 High Schools in the country.  To apply, visit http://apply.matchschool.org/.

SMART Scholarship Program

The SMART Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics(STEM) discipline. The SMART Scholarship Program provides financial assistance and employment for students interested in research opportunities with the Department of Defense(DoD).

SMART Scholars receive the following benefits:

-Full tuition and related educational fees
-Cash award of $25,000-$41,000 per year
-Paid summer internships
-Health Insurance benefits
-Book allowance of $1,000 per academic year
-Employment placement after graduation

In return for these benefits, SMART Scholars commit to one year of civilian employment with the DoD or other government agency for each academic year that they are supported.  Please visit www.asee.org/smart for more information.

American Mathematical Society

Following are programs for undergraduates sponsored by the American Mathematical Society. (The AMS lists over 50 websites with internship and co-op opportunities for undergraduates.)

The Early Career Profile Network www.ams.org/early-careers/ Many students have only a vague idea about the utility of a major in the mathematical sciences: “What can I do with a math degree?” In response, the AMS recruits and supports a network of math departments to systematically provide job profiles of their recent bachelors-degree alumni.

Jobs & Careers http://www.ams.org/

Resources for Undergraduates Web Page http://www.ams.org/

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Summer Programs http://www.ams.org/employment/reu.html

Math in the Media http://www.ams.org/mathmedia Math that appear in newspapers and science magazines.

Mathematical Moments www.ams.org/mathmoments Discover the world of mathematics and its many applications in sports, climatology, politics digitizing recordings, archaeology, reconstructive surgery, solving crimes, and much more.

Applying to graduate school in mathematics? See Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships at www.ams.org/employment/asst.pdf.

Dual degree opportunity with Georgetown University and Columbia University

Georgetown Mathematics students have an opportunity to receive an undergraduate Mathematics degree from Georgetown AND an Engineering degree from Columbia University in a total of 5 years, 3 years at Georgetown and 2 years at Columbia. Alternatively, you can go 4 years at Georgetown and 2 years at Columbia. For more information, see https://college.georgetown.edu/academics/majors-minors-and-certificates/science-engineering/.